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3 Questions toMartin Spreng

What defines a piece of jewellery for Martin Spreng?

“It is a precious object, but which must be wearable every day. It is made of valuable materials, yet is not ostentatious.

One mustn’t feel like a Christmas tree or like someone else when wearing the jewellery. The contact is natural, easy, simple.

A piece of jewellery is “alive”, and in harmony with the person wearing it. It is also a unique object, although it could be made

in small series using a model. Each piece will be forged, carved or sculpted individually, by hand. I am very attached to leaving the trace of the hand:

the trace of the creator’s soul. Also, the client can participate in the jewel’s design.”

Where does your inspiration come from?

“It’s a very intuitive process, rarely figurative, mostly abstract. I’m very inspired by motifs with grainy aspects and crimps, stamps - often giving the pieces a “galactic” look. Some shapes are closer to my wood-carvings and marquetry. Each object is sculpted and chased individually. I use solid gold. I don’t look to reduce the quantity used to be less expensive at all costs. But not more expensive either. The material is very important - as important as the style and creativity. I sculpt in the mass, in the body of a “forming” ring - without always knowing where I’m going with it. Sometimes, I take great risks... but this is also what gives so much strength to my jewels.”

What is the importance of the stones?

Gems and precious stones appeal to me for their incredible spectrum of colors and their inherent mineral richness. It isn’t necessarily their monetary value that I look at, more their expressive value - sometimes symbolic - that influences the character of a piece. A vein, an inclusion, a veil, unexpected reflections or glimmer, a certain light or sparkle resulting from the way they are cut... all contribute to the personal, unique “being” of each creation. And certain small flaws in a gemstone can represent the beauty mark of a unique jewel.

The client can choose the stone he prefers, as I myself can be inspired by his or her personality, character and tastes...Further reinforcing the impression of owning a one-of-a-kind, personal piece of jewellery.”



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