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1957                      Born into a family of artists (painter and sculptor) in Munich, Germany.

1977-1979             Studies cabinet-making and wood-carving in a cabinet-making and interior decoration studio in Munich.

1979-1981             Arrival in Paris, working in renowned studios specializing in the art of fine copies of historic and period

                              furniture and objects.

1981-2009             Founding of the Xylos group, recognized for its sculpture-furnishings, inlayed wall panels and interior decoration.

                              Creation of pieces of furniture, prestigious installations and fixtures for the lobbies of large company headquarters, executive offices, etc.                               Sculptural and pictorial creations with complex mechanisms for special-order clients like Cartier, Braun Melsungen (medical firm), the                               Stuttgart convention and cultural center, Paris city hall and various private collectors

                              Exhibits and trade fairs in Paris, Munich, Milan, Geneva, Basel, Chicago, Moscow...

                              Personal creations: Wall décors in natural and tinted exotic wood, precious chests and boxes in marquetry for collectors Fine Art books,                               elaborate “jewel” boxes and goldsmith works.

1995-2009            Studied fine jewellery-making techniques at the Ecole Boulle (Paris).

                              Simultaneously working in the studio of the Argentinean goldsmith and jewellery maker Luis Tolnay (Paris).

2006                      First jewellery exhibit in the Xylos showroom (Paris).

2007                      Permanent exhibit at the Elsa Vanier gallery (Paris)/

2009                      Permanent exhibit at the Dagmar Stühler gallery (Berlin, Germany).

2009  December    Awarded first prize by the Jury of the “Five Year Wood Anniversary” contest of the Elsa Vanier gallery (Paris).

2010  January       Exhibit of jewellery and contemporary goldsmith objects at the German Society for Goldsmith Art (Deutsches                               Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau).

2010  July)             Exhibit. “Gem Jewels” at the “Pole Bijou” in Baccarat, France.

                              Multi-designer, international exhibits and the Elsa Vanier gallery.)

2011  March)         Permanent exhibit at the Slavik gallery (Vienna, Austria).

2011  March          Permanent exhibit at the Mobilia gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)

2011  Sept.            Exhibit. ‘Objects of Status, Power and Adornment » in Cambridge at the Mobilia Gallery, Multi-designer, international exhibits.

2012  mars            Exhibit.  ‘Beau et fort’, bijoux pour l’homme - exhibition collective at  the galerie ‘Elsa Vannier’

2012  sept.            Exhibit.  ‘Les chemins de Martin Spreng’  at the galerie ‘Matières d’Art’

2013  sept.            Exhibit. ‘Révélations’’ Grand Palais Paris - internatrionale biennial arts and crafts and decoration  fair  -  commun stand supported by the                               gallery Elsa Vanier.

2015  april              Exhibit. Personal  at Mobilia gallery in Cambridge-Boston USA

2015   sept.           Exhibit. ‘Révélations’’ Grand Palais Paris - internatrionale biennial arts and crafts  decoration  fair  -  commun stand supported by the                               gallery Elsa Vanier.

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