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The Jeweller from Afar

“Der Goldschreiner” or “Golden wood-smith”. Terms used by a German journalist speaking of Martin Spreng’s recent

entry into the (international) Haute Jewellery scene. For, if Mr Spreng today makes fine jewellery, he is in no way

limited to that: he is also a master wood sculptor and cabinet-maker. Martin Spreng is one of the three founders of Xylos,

a group of Parisian artists who, for several decades, have been producing extraordinary furnishings and unique pieces

whose intricate wood inlays, fine marquetry work are often fashioned by Mr Spreng’s hand.

Marquetry with pictorial expressions is his specialty and he applies this talent indiscriminately to small, precious surfaces and giant decorative wall-panels on special order for clients ranging from private companies’ headquarters to presidential offices.

Playing with inlays of different types of wood, layers of colors, juxtapositions of grains and veins... this magician of fine finishes has also contributed to shaping the Xylos signature - all the while working on his personal creations, plying his Art upon a multitude of small precious objects like jewellery boxes, inlayed book-covers for collectors of artists books - and today: spectacular, unique pieces of jewellery.

In the very code-oriented domain of Fine Jewellery - where one measures the finesse of technique as much as the weight of gold - Spreng has managed to impose his novel approach to jewellery-making. His perfect mastery of technical constraints in no way limits his creativity. He never scrimps on the quantity of gold used - always in its purest form. He forcefully sculpts his pieces into the shapes born of his imagination, voluntarily leaving traces of his hand and tools. Martin does not cheat. Dreamy enchantment and raw violence co-exist, poetic and galactic inspirations mingle in powerful and vibrant - even telluric - creations that irresistibly attract and guide the eye over uneven, non-standard surfaces, successions of unexpected topography, ruptures and subtle confrontations.

Martin Spreng is indeed a sort of UFO in the galaxy of Haute Jewellery - and that is what makes him so appealing.

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